Response to Joy Kinman’s claim she checked the “Wrong” box.


Yesterday when the news broke about Joy Kinman the Jacksonville Water Commissioner and owner of Kinman Construction Company who “Lied” on the Arkansas Contractor’s License application so that her son Robert Drew Walker could qualify to get his contractor’s license, she claimed that she “made a mistake and checked the wrong box.”

Well if that is the case then why did she proceed to fill out the application in detail even after the application it’s self says “STOP” if you are related to the applicant?
She went into great detail to make sure that Drew Walker could qualify for his license. At the top of the application Drew stated that he had only been building homes for four (4) years. He was 23 years old at the time of the application. Joy Kinman Drew’s mother stated that Drew had built 100′s of homes ranging from $250,000.00 up to $3 Million dollars! It is impossible to build hundred’s of “High End” homes in just four years at the age of 23!

See for yourself below……


2 thoughts on “Response to Joy Kinman’s claim she checked the “Wrong” box.

  1. I believe Marcus Dupree’s dad works in some capacity for the City Of Jacksonville. Marcus has a house up for foreclosure. It can’t be that hard to find him…

    • Marcus Dupree’s house is to be auctioned off August 6th at the Pulaski county court house around 3:30. His dad will probably bail him out, by buying it.

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