ACLB Letter to Joy Kinman of “Kinman Construction” advising of investigation…


This letter was sent to Joy Kinman of Kinman Construction company advising that she and her company are under investigation by the Arkansas Contractor’s Licensing Board for submitting the application and references on behalf of her son Robert Drew Walker and misrepresenting the information submitted on the form. The application clearly stated to STOP!!! filling out the form if you are related to the owners of the company or any of the employees .

The way I see it….if she is not capable of reading and comprehending a simple application she should not be the Water Commissioner for the City of Jacksonville. I know that everyone makes mistakes from time to time, but I was taught that when you make a mistake you own up to it and accept the resulting consequences. Ms. Kinman previously stated to a news reporter, “If I made a mistake on the form, it was an error that was done by mistake and can not be changed now.”

Ms. Kinman’s mistake has cost Ms. Madison $57,000.00 and to be left without a home! Somebody must be held responsible this not acceptable!